Tutti Frutti : new flavour


Why Soy Bean?

Soy is complete protein, and soyfoods are rich in vitamins and minerals including folate, potassium and, in some cases, fiber. In the past 15 years, soyfoods have attracted the attention of research scientists around the world for health properties beyond basic nutrition as well. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially recognized the cholesterol-lowering effects of soy protein per day may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Most soyfoods are also are low in saturated and trans fats, one reason why the American Heart Association has recognized soyfoods’ role in an overall heart-healthy diet. Recent research suggests that soy may also lower risk of prostate, colon and breast cancers as well as osteoporosis and other bone health problems, and alleviate not flashes associated with menopause.

Some other soy provides use GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) that may damage the digestive tract, brain, skin, and nerves. Others use gluten that may tiredness, anxiety and stress. Tutti Frutti does not use GMOs or gluten, so our customers can enjoy a truly healthful and refreshing cup of soy frozen yogurt, made only from soy grown in U.S.


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