Months and months ago we asked our teenagers where they would like to go on holiday. They picked somewhere we had been years before and so it all got booked. Two weeks ago we arrived. It was just as it had been before – a huge, white sand beach, beautiful clear water, delicious cinnamon buns from the local baker, and no WiFi.

“Mum, what’s the WiFi key? I can’t get connected!”

Me, in a quiet voice. “There is no WiFi.”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that properly. For a minute I thought you said there was no WiFi.”

Me, shrugging shoulders. “Sorry …”

“But there must be. We had it before.”

“No, that was four years ago when BBM didn’t rule the world.”

Panic ensues.

“So how do I talk to my friends?”

“You don’t. You’re on holiday.”

There was more of the same, but you get the general idea…

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